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The term wellness refers to the wellbeing of the person. A wellness centreis not, therefore, exclusively linked to aesthetic treatments but also to a new way of approaching the life of each patient. It is a joint effort, both by the clinic that offers services and by the person who requires it.

SMBT is coming up with a brand-new Wellness Centre
As a holistic healthcare provider for SMBT Community, Wellness Centre strives to improve your quality of life. Our multi-disciplinary team of professionals is dedicated in offering you with a wide range of life care services.

There are many different forms of illness; therefore, there are many forms of wellness as well. At a wellness centre such as ours that is closely connected with healthcare, we promote wellness through effective treatment, exercise and proper nutrition.

At the wellness centre, we provide you with:
1. Specific treatments to suit your needs:
We have specialist doctors and caretakers to assess your physical conditions, specifically, what you need. You may prefer to control your weight, or to eliminate accumulated toxins, to better control your stress, to rejuvenate or to simply recover after a long period of activity or illness.

2. Preventive medicine:
It is essential to anticipate a disease and to avoid it. We prepare an up to date and efficient medication which prepares your body to fight the diseases and stay strong and healthy.

3. Therapy treatments:
We have more than 10 therapy treatments at the wellness centre. With timely medicines and effective treatment, we make sure you get effective healing services for both mind and body alike.

4. The quest for physical and mental balance:
Physical ailments can be the reflections of some mental problems and vice versa. We provide effective treatment and discipline strategies for achieving the much-required balance between the mind and the body.

We will soon be onboard with our Wellness Centre, providing seamless healthcare services and dedicated to promoting your health. The managers and the staff are highly educated, bringing a wealth of experience and education to the community.

Wellness is an important part of the health care continuum. It is a long-term care that is required to keep us healthy and avoid relapse. Although it can have many different meanings, in the health care world, it means preventing illness through promotion of healthy habits. And that is exactly what we plan to do at SMBT Wellness Centre.

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