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The term wellness refers to the wellbeing of the person. A wellness centreis not, therefore, exclusively linked to aesthetic treatments but also to a new way of approaching the life of each patient. It is a joint effort, both by the clinic that offers services and by the person who requires it.

SMBT is coming up with a brand-new Wellness Centre
As a holistic healthcare provider for SMBT Community, Wellness Centre strives to improve your quality of life. Our multi-disciplinary team of professionals is dedicated in offering you with a wide range of life care services.

There are many different forms of illness; therefore, there are many forms of wellness as well. At a wellness centre such as ours that is closely connected with healthcare, we promote wellness through effective treatment, exercise and proper nutrition.

At the wellness centre, we provide you with:
1. Specific treatments to suit your needs:
We have specialist doctors and caretakers to assess your physical conditions, specifically, what you need. You may prefer to control your weight, or to eliminate accumulated toxins, to better control your stress, to rejuvenate or to simply recover after a long period of activity or illness.

2. Preventive medicine:
It is essential to anticipate a disease and to avoid it. We prepare an up to date and efficient medication which prepares your body to fight the diseases and stay strong and healthy.

3. Therapy treatments:
We have more than 10 therapy treatments at the wellness centre. With timely medicines and effective treatment, we make sure you get effective healing services for both mind and body alike.

4. The quest for physical and mental balance:
Physical ailments can be the reflections of some mental problems and vice versa. We provide effective treatment and discipline strategies for achieving the much-required balance between the mind and the body.

We will soon be onboard with our Wellness Centre, providing seamless healthcare services and dedicated to promoting your health. The managers and the staff are highly educated, bringing a wealth of experience and education to the community.

Wellness is an important part of the health care continuum. It is a long-term care that is required to keep us healthy and avoid relapse. Although it can have many different meanings, in the health care world, it means preventing illness through promotion of healthy habits. And that is exactly what we plan to do at SMBT Wellness Centre.

SMBT Clinic - North Maharashtra’s First Charitable Clinic

SMBT Group of Institutes is one of the top medical colleges in northern Maharashtra, providing a range of degree courses such as Medical and Research, Dental, Pharmacy and Ayurveda. Since our inception in the year 1984, our aim is to provide free education to the children of economically deprived class of the tribal society.
Later, SMBT multi-specialty charitable hospital was started to make efficient, free of cost/minimal cost healthcare services available to the people in rural area.SMBT Charitable Hospital in Northern Maharashtra is one of the largest in the region. The hospital provides highly subsidized and free services to the patients with severe ailments. SMBT Charitable Hospital makes sure no person goes untreated because of lack of facilities or money.

SMBT brings to you North Maharashtra’s first Charitable Clinic
With advances in education and healthcare services, SMBT now comes up with North Maharashtra’s first charitable clinic at Nashik.
Equipped with latest medical instruments, the clinic is set up with an aim to provide quality healthcare to patients. We have expert doctors and nursesrendering effective services. The various facilities that will be available are outpatient diagnostics, dentistry, correct diagnosis of illness, general health check-up and dispensary. With this clinic, SMBT group ensures that dedicated and quality healthcare is available at low costs, under one roof. This, we believe, will encourage patients to not neglect their health issues and visit the clinic for timely and effective treatment.

We are living in a society and it is our responsibility to work for the betterment of the same. Through this clinic, we aim to fulfill our responsibility towards the society and bring about health related awareness among the less privileged.

The Charitable Clinic at Nashik is our step towards achieving the “Patient First” purpose. We make sure that every patient is given on-time treatment, irrespective of his or her financial condition.
For further advanced treatments and complex surgeries, patients can visit the SMBT charitable hospital, which also provides free of cost services. The entire SMBT group aims to make our patients aware of their health and deploy measure of timely prevention, intervention and timely deliver of quality healthcare in the most efficient and effective way.

SMBT’s coming up with a brand-new Oncology Centre

There are more than 3 million prevalent cases of cancer in India, though the real number is likely tripled due to a large number of cases left undetected and unreported. India is projected to see 1.23 million new cancer cases a year, with 20% increase expected by 2020, leading to 1.7 million new cases a year by 2035.

The survival rate disparity is stunning. In India, 70% of new cases leads to death within a year; it can be close to reverse in the U.S. and elsewhere. Millions are dying from cancer, prematurely, without ever knowing they had the disease.
To address these enormous concerns, the solution must be two-pronged: Indians need to be better educated on the disease and we need to have better, more affordable access to early diagnosis as well as timely treatment.

SMBT Trust proposes to start an Oncology Centre
SMBT Trust is coming up with a state of art ‘Oncology Centre’ at our Nandi Hills campus. It will be a one of a kind hospital with the latest technology and quality equipment specifically concentrating on Radiation Oncology, Surgical Oncology and Medical Oncology. We are planning to setup 100 beds into the hospital, with special rooms and ICU.

Our aim is to:
1. Increase mortality and mobility from cancer, and improve the quality of life for cancer patients.
2. Excel in basic, translational and clinical research and in the application of fundamental knowledge to prevent and cure cancer, and to improve the diagnosis and treatment of cancer.
3. Safely and compassionately provide the full range of evidence based, preventive, diagnostic, therapeutic, supportive and patient focused services to cancer patient and their families.
4. Lead in cancer education of health professionals, scientists, patients and their families, and the community at large.

We, truly are looking forward to the development of the ‘Oncology Centre’, which will give us an opportunity to save people from the one disease that is the cause of thousands of casualties every year.
This, we believe will take us a step closer to fulfilling our goal of providing a full-fledged healthcare university for the common people located in the region of North Maharashtra.

Degrees you can apply for at SMBT

Since its inception in the year 1984, SMBT Educational Trust is working towards providing quality education and healthcare facilities to the economically deprived class of the tribal society. Over a period of time the trust further expanded its charitable activities in the rural areas by starting various educational institutes.
Our sole aim is to educate and train our students to provide quality health care services to the society and become the most trusted and respected members of the society.

Below are the degrees you can apply for at SMBT:
The SMBT medical college conducts a 4 and ½ year undergraduate course in Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) recognized by Medical Council of India, New Delhi & affiliated to Maharashtra University of Health Sciences, Nashik. The state of art facilities and infrastructure for medical students is to help them develop high degree of skills.

SMBT Dental College and Hospital has been continuously ranked among the top colleges in the country and is affiliated to the Maharashtra University of Health Sciences, Nashik. We currently offer a 5-year undergraduate course in Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS), a 3-year post graduation course in Master of Dental Surgery (MDS) and a 2-year Diploma in Dental Mechanics (DMS) approved by the Dental Council of India (DCI).

SMBT Ayurveda College & Hospital has been affiliated to the Maharashtra University of Health Sciences, Nashik. Recognized by the Central Council of Indian Medicine, Dept of AYUSH, New Delhi. We offer a 4 and ½ year course in Bachelor of Ayurveda Medicine and Surgery (BAMS), with one year of internship post completion of the course and a 3-year post graduation course that is BAMS PG.

4. B. Pharm and M. Pharm

SMBT College of Pharmacy is one of the best degree colleges in the region and maintains excellent standards for academics, culture and discipline. The college is recognized by All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), New Delhi and is affiliated to Savitribai Phule Pune University (SPPU). We offer a 4-year undergraduate course leading to Bachelor in Pharmacy
(B. Pharm) and a 2-year course for Master in Pharmacy (M. Pharm).

5. D. Pharm
SMBT Institute of D. Pharm offers a 2-year course leading to Diploma in Pharmacy (D. Pharm).

SMBT group of Institute aims to provide sound academic foundation and motivation to students to work towards betterment of rural lives and our country as a whole.


Monsoon is a very expressive and beautiful form of nature welcoming seasonal change. Although it is a favourite season for a lot of us, it is always recommended that we take care of health to be able to enjoy this season to the fullest.

Following are the steps that can help you have a healthy experience of this monsoon:

1. Food and Water

Take care of the food that you choose to eat this season. It is ideally recommended that you avoid food from street vendors or new places you aren’t confident about regarding the hygiene they follow while cooking. The environment also makes it easier for germs and viruses to spread in this season, thus making home food more advisable. Take adequate amount of vitamins and nutrients in the form of fruits, vegetables and protein rich food to strengthen your immunity.
Avoid drinking water from random sources and try to stick to sterilized water for this season to ensure quality and hygienic water for your body as the risk of taking contaminated water is high.

2. Enjoying the rains

A lot us intentionally get wet in the rain to relish the experience of it but rain water isn’t good for your body. Always take a shower after getting wet in rain water to wash away the impure toxic substances rain water may contain. This action itself can keep you away from infections and diseases caused by the impure state of rainwater.

3. Personal Hygiene

It is very important to maintain your personal hygiene in this climate where spreading of viruses and bacteria is fast. Don’t touch your face with dirty hands as there are chances of viruses and germs entering your body through your nose, ears etc. Wet and dirty garments become a ground for germ growth therefore change clothes often and avoid staying long in wet clothes.

4. Maintaining environment

The risk of water borne diseases is high due to the rains thus ensuring quality of the water you drink should be made top priority. Diseases and viruses can also spread due to contaminated water so ensure there is no stagnant water which can be breeding grounds for mosquitoes near you. Use mosquito repellants and check for clog free plumbing system at your house to avoid malaria and other microbial diseases. Always wear dry shoes and clothes to avoid skin infections due to the dampness.

5. Essentials

Always carry a raincoat or an umbrella to make sure you don’t get wet due to sudden rains. Using of sanitizers is also recommended to keep you away from bacteria and viruses. Avoid mosquitoes by adopting mosquito repellants and nets to keep your environment free from them. Keep your clothes and surrounding dry.

SMBT knows that doctors will solve your problems but we also understand that prevention is the best for your health, which is our top priority. Follow the precautions as listed above to take care of yourself this season. Your health is the real treasure you need to protect. Life is only memorable when you’re healthy enough to live it peacefully.


Today, blogs on the internet have an answer forevery question, a solution for all our problems. Be it a question of what clothes to buy or where to invest wisely, there are blogs for anything and everything out there! Professionals in every field have started handing out gems of their wisdom and experience in the forms of blogs. This includes engineers, lawyers, teachers, photographers and many more. Specialists from the medical field are no exception to this. There are numerous blogs on the internet exploring the world of medicine and healthcare. But, in the medical field where your health is concerned, it is necessary to follow legit blogs to avoid being misinformed.

We bring to you the top 10 doctor blogs you should follow:

1. | Social media's leading physician voice

This is the blog of Dr. Kevin Pho, MD, who is a board certified internal medicine physician. The blog consists of articles by many experts in the medical fields who share their experiences, anecdotes and insights. This bloghas been recommended as a ‘must-read health blog’ by Forbes as well.
Website –

2. Westby G. Fisher, MD - Cardiologist, Evanston, Illinois
Heart disease causes 1 in every 4 deaths in the United States. Take care of your heart by reforming your healthcare. Staying updated with the latest advances in heart disease treatment and technologies is what this blog is all about.
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3. Emergency Dentists
A blog dedicatedfor the care and maintenance of your perfect set of teeth. You can find information on dental disorders, helpful tips from dentists, solutions for emergency issues and a dental health guide for children.
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Nursing is an important and essential factor in the medical field. This blog contains articles about any topics related to nursing. Extremely well written, this blog provides you loads of knowledge and information about any new trend or innovation in the nursing field.
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5. Rujuta’sgyan
Most of our problems are directly dependent on the food we eat. RujutaDiwekar, the famous dietitian, who has worked for eminent personalities from Bollywood writes a blog in which she gives you tips and instructions about a healthy diet and how your food intake affects your health.
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6. Wholesome Ayurveda
Follow this blog and learn about fixing your health problems from the root. Ayurveda is the oldest form of medicine. With this blog, the author has provided people with valuable information to help them maintain a healthy lifestyle.
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7. Pharmavoice
Pharmacy is the art and science of preparing and dispensing medicinal drugs. Constant innovation is a part and parcel of this field. Pharmavoice will provide you with all the new updates and advancements in the field of pharmacy.
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8. Greenmedinfo
Alternative medicine has proven beneficial to a lot of patients. This blog provides reliable information about the use and advantages of evidence-based alternative medicines to physicians, pharmacists, researchers and the end consumers as well.
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9. Dr. David’s Blog Musings of a pediatric oncologist

Dr. David is the author of this blog and he expresses his insights informally about pediatric oncology, cancer research, cancer treatments and any news regarding cancer. He also shares narratives about his personal experiences through the blog.
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10. - Exploring Healthy Psychotherapy
Mental health is just as important as physical health. People find their lives coming apart due to stress and competition, but they are not so aware of their mental health which is why this blog! This blog helps to bring about awareness about mental health issues and treatments of them. Also, information Website -

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